What is the 2 cup method? The two cup method is a manifestation tool basically used to jump from one dimension to the next, it’s called Quantum Jumping.

It’s like a spiritual awakening that you can use to manifest your reality in a positive and high vibe way.
It’s a law of attraction technique that worked pretty well for me. With this two cup method, you can manifest literally fast.

2 Cup Method

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How Does This Method Really Work?

In order to apply this method, you only need two sticky notes, a pen, two glasses, and water. That’s all. If you want to try this method, you have to really believe it.

You put your current situation down, what you are feeling, if you are stress out, unhappy with not having money, or anything else.

You write it on the first cup, you fill it out with all those feelings, and then on the second cup with your desired situation.

For example, you write that you have $2500 in your bank account, or you just found your new job, or whatever you want.
Then, you put all the feelings of how happy and grateful to have what your desire right now, in this present moment.

You hold the cup, feel that positive uplifting energy, and held that cup for a while. You must be like this is real, this is going to be my life and then drink the water.

It does work. You have to be careful about your belief system and how much you believe in this kind of thing. If you don’t believe it, it’s not going to happen.

My Story With The 2 Cup Method

Personally I tried the two cup method for money and it worked. At the time, I was stuck with no money and very stressed out. So, that’s when I came across this manifestation tool, I decided to give it a try.

I took 2 glasses and two sticky notes. On one sticky note, I wrote down my current situation how I was feeling and then I stuck it on one cup. On the second sticky note, I put down my desired situation in a very positive way.

I note how I will feel when I ‘ll have this money, and I pasted it on the other cup.

I poured the water into the first cup which was at that time my current situation, grabbed the cup, and I held it and put all of my feelings into it.

Really felt how I was feeling at that time sad, eager to make a change, I took as long as I needed to.

When I really got all of that energy into that cup, I poured the water into my desired situation.

While I held the glass, felt grateful, excited, happy, then drank the water, and said 3 consecutive times: ”It’s done”. I also said, ” Thank You Universe for manifesting this reality ! “.

After that, I took the sticky notes off, rip them, forgot about it. I didn’t think about it anymore, I just let it go. The “Let Go” is one of the important parts of any manifestation.

With this method, within 7 days, I manifested $3250. To be honest, I don’t understand exactly how it works, but it works.

5 Important Things To Succeed

#1 Ask for something you believe in
Do not say: I want a million dollars because you already know that you don’t believe it.
You really have to see it, to feel it, if you can’t see it or feel it, then it’s not something that you should ask for.
You have to believe that this is something you can get because you already have it. It’s very important.

#2 Scripting
I used scripting with the 2 cup method. These two methods work very well together if you do it well. Associating these methods together will make you feel more positive.
That is very important to help you manifest anything. I think that helped me manifesting this $3250 in only 7 days.

#3 Keep it secret
Don’t tell anyone. I would recommend when you are doing this method, don’t tell anybody. Keep it to yourself.
Let this method be your little secret, and just know that you deserve whatever it is that you want in life. You have to do it secretly by yourself.
Every person has his own energy, his doubt, his fears. A person may be discouraged you. I didn’t tell people about the 2 cups method until it really works.

#4 Don’t think about the “How”
You just have to believe it’s happening and will happen. The Universe will be making it happen. You have to just relax, don’t think about the “How”. You only have to trust the Universe.

#5 Don’t use it for a lot of things simultaneously
Use this method for one thing at a time. Not for business, for money, to find a relationship, a lot of requests at the same time.
It’s confusing for you and for the Universe. Let the first thing happen and after that, you start with another one.

Why Do People Fail?

I have told people about this manifestation technique and some of them said to me that it didn’t work for them. So I asked them:

– Did you let it go?

– Did you detach from what you wanted?

– Were you be impatient, waiting on it to happen?

Because if that’s the case, it’s not going to work. A lot of people don’t understand this method. They think it’s going to work for them just because they try it, and no it’s not that simple. It’s easy but not simple.

Sometimes it takes just 4 days for the manifestation to happen, or like for me only 7 days.
But sometimes it’s maybe more, one month or two, so you have to be patient and have faith. You have to really believe it and trust the Universe.

Final Note

Now, I succeeded with this method, I have no doubts there’s nothing that anybody could tell me about the two cup method, it works. And when you will also succeed, you will have this same kind of faith and confidence.

One thing about this two cup method is you literally feel like you’re drinking yourself into another dimension. When you do it well you can literally feel that energy.

That’s basically what this is, it’s a wonderful thing. With the 2 cup method wait with confidence, that what you want happens, and it will.

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