Most people know the law of attraction but it’s not the only law of Universe. In this post, you’ll discover other spiritual laws.

These spiritual laws are the foundation of your existence and deserve to be mastered. In order to help you create magic and manifestation in your life, these laws need to know.

These laws are the fundamental rules that dictate your entire existence. Learn about the 10 Spiritual Laws of the Universe.

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The 10 Spiritual Laws And Meaning

“Circumstances do not determine your state of being. Your state of being determines your circumstances.” ― Bashar

#1 The Law of Impermanence

This is the law of constant change. Everything is in a state of constant growth, flow evolution, and cycle.

The absolute is the one permanent constant beyond space and time everything manifesting within space and time and awareness is impermanent.

All physical form, bodies are subject to this law, the light of consciousness within all life-forms.

As the spark of the divine absolute and one with it is also immortal and immutable. But it’s expressions as life are not. A lifetime, as a human being, is the most precious but temporary opportunity to realize the truth.

#2 Law of Universe: Non-Duality

This is the absolute truth of reality. Everything in existence is a manifestation of one supreme ultimate source. That is pure power and love.

It is simultaneously the source of everything, the maintainer of everything, and the destroyer of everything, it is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. transcendent and imminent.

It is an infinite field of consciousness. Aware and alive. It’s the life within all life, the ground of all awareness.

This has many names but is beyond all, God, the Almighty, the Universe, the Source, Brahma Vishnu, Shiva God. It is beyond all labels, concepts, and forms. It is the one source of all that is.

#3 The Law of Dependent Origination

Everything in existence is manifesting from the infinite potentiality of the absolute into actuality. This is the unfoldment of creation as the sequential process of evolution.

Everything is dependent on something for its appearance, meaning that nothing exists separately, inherently from its own side or its own power.

All, is manifesting from the one source as a divine cosmic expression.

#4 The Law of Free Will

All sentient beings are free to choose their destiny. Free to pursue what they like and avoid what they dislike.

A being in the darkness of ignorance and delusion always has the freedom to choose a lower or higher path with every decision.

Available choices are limited and are dependent on one’s prevailing level of consciousness. But even in the depths of negativity, there is always the freedom to choose the lesser of two evils.

Therefore the possibility of surrender dramatic evolution towards a perpetual transmutation.

Laws of Universe

#5 The Law of Belief

The one infinite absolute reality is all-powerful beyond all limitation. Whatever a sentient being chooses to believe the infinite intelligence allows. Being beyond all names, labels concept and forms.

The supreme reality is not deluded, vengeful, wrathful or partial to any label. The absolute source of all does not have favorites. All beings are near, dear and loved, as love is the very expression of divinity.

Those who seek truth and God, by whatever name, evolved towards it.

Those who deny truth and God be evolved further from it. All sentient beings have this choice by virtue of their own innate divinity.

#6 The Law of Vibration

Energy is everything. Everything is energy. What does that mean? It means that everything you see around you is energy.

Everything that is in existence as energy. Everything is made of particles. So, even a solid form is energy.

Energy travels in waves, meaning there’s up/down sequences, and waves are called also called vibrations.

Even when you see something and it looks like it’s not moving in within it there are particles that moving. everything is vibration.

Everything in existence is vibrating energy at different levels of consciousness, and everything is connected. Human consciousness is an energy field within the one infinite field.

To raise your level of consciousness raises the level of consciousness of all mankind. To pray for and forgive others are very powerful acts and beneficial on deep spiritual levels.

Seeking the truth and awakening to your spiritual reality is the most beneficial and meaningful thing you can do for yourself and the whole world. When talking about the law of Vibration, it’s actually the core of the law of attraction.

#7 The Law of Attraction

It’s a law more and more known in society but is often misunderstood and misused.

When it comes to understanding the law of attraction, what is the key to getting what we want? The key is to be of the vibration that you want to attract.

Become the vibration of what you want to attract, then the things will come your way. What is held in mind tends to manifest, regardless of whether it is an alignment with the truth or not.

To hold virtue in mind will lead one’s body, speech, and mind to be virtuous. To hold negativity in mind, will constantly poison and dilute the mind. This is why mindfulness and meditation are such powerful tools.

Negative thoughts will continue to be negative and less actively corrected. When people say the law of attraction, isn’t working for them, that is a false statement by itself. It can’t be true because of the law of attraction.

#8 The Law of Intention

This law is an actionable law that empowers and supercharges one’s choices, decisions, and actions.

The intention is fundamental to whether an action will accumulate, positive or negative karma. The power of intention will supercharge the law of attraction.

As intention sets in motion, the motivation and effort required to manifest what is held in mind. Intending to know the truth in this lifetime is the most powerful and transformational thing you can do.

Your intention is everything. Nothing happens on this planet, in the physical world without it. Not one single thing has ever been accomplished without intention.

#9 The Law of Salvation and Illumination

The truth is not secret. It is available to all who seek it freely. The truth is within you as the light and source of your own consciousness and awareness.

Enlightenment, illumination, awakening, self-realization is a possible destiny for all sentient beings. “Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened. Ask and you shall receive.”

Surrender unto a savior, a great being one who has realized the truth, and they will aid your evolution and raise you up at the time of death.

#10 The Law of Karma

This is an absolute immutable cosmic law of the Universe. Karma is the law of action. It literally means action or doing. Karma is a force of nature that causes you to reap what you sow, your destiny, or fate.

The law of karma is a facet of the law of divine oneness. From a higher reality, you are one with everything and everyone.

To do something good or positive is in alignment with reality and will result in favorable outcomes. And to do something bad or negative, ignorant of reality will result in suffering.

Your karma is the sum total of all your past actions. Every choice of who and how to be in this life is a choice of great consequence.

Your soul, the spark of divine awareness within you is evolving based on the choices, beliefs, and programs of your ego.

Take responsibility for your own actions. Everyone, without exception, is accountable to the Universe, the mind of God, the absolute by whatever name chosen. Everyone with absolute fairness determines their own fate.

By being in alignment with reality, you will acquire positive, karma, and purify your negative karma. Raising your level of consciousness and improving your spiritual destiny.

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