Raise your vibration. In this article, you will find 10 ways for raising your vibration. Everything is energy. Everything is atoms vibrating at different frequencies.

Atoms are mostly empty spaces. A lot of things that seem physical are in reality empty space, and the characteristic of physical things is because they’re vibrating at different frequencies.

So, the human body has also a vibration frequency. When you think about high vibration in people, those are feelings of joy, positivity, love.

All of those are high vibrational feelings and lower vibrational states of being are depression, sadness, fear, anger, all of that.

Raising your vibration

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# 10 – Breathing Deeply

When you breathe deeply, you’re giving your body more oxygen and that energizes your body. Once you really put awareness of your breath, you feel much better.

Being careful about your respiration, you start to feel centered and more relax. Most of the day, you are not conscious of your breath, you are just on autopilot. Breathing deeply, you remind yourself to be in the present moment.

# 9 – Move Your Body

Raise your vibration

Moving your body or dancing, you’re literally energizing yourself and will increase your vibration. On the physical level, you’re raising your vibration because the frequencies are increasing.

When you move, at another level, it’s your soul that feels good as well. When you dance, you express yourself, it feels like it’s a physical thing, as well as spiritual.

# 8 – Eat High-Frequency Foods

Food has a frequency. The things that you eat, can also affect your frequency. Usually, these are raw fruits, veggies, things that have high nutritional value, those are usually higher frequency and better for you.

It kind of makes sense, but this is just a way to explain it using the physical properties of these foods and why it might be good for you.

The more organic and the more unprocessed your food is, the higher vibe it probably will be. So try to stick to whole foods, foods that are closest to their original form vs. more processed versions of that food.

# 7 – Use Essential Oils

Without even knowing about essential oils, I am pretty sure that you already know that their smells can lift your mood up.

That’s why we like nice-smelling things. They just make us happier in a way that we can’t explain. You can also be using frankincense because it’s more of a higher frequency.

All essential oils are great, and when you’re using these high-frequency oils, it can really raise your own vibration by association. Smelling this high vibrational oil, it will also raise your own vibration and will lift your mood up.

# 6 – Use Crystals

Similar to essential oils, different kinds of crystals, of stones, have their own frequencies. They all can give you a boost in different areas of your life. For example, Rose quartz is useful for boosting feelings of love.

About the crystals, you can find a lot of detailed information everywhere. What I do know, it’s that crystals and stones can really help purify your energy and the energy around you.

Raising your vibration

# 5 – Express Gratitude

This comes from within, but whenever you express gratitude, you raise your vibration. You are tapping into one of the highest frequency states that you could be in.

Once you practice gratitude every day, you cannot be at low frequency. It is really impossible.

When you are grateful, you feel like you have enough and you are naturally happy, even though everything outside seems not working so well.

Raise my vibration

# 4 – Positive thinking

Positive thinking is another way to raise your vibration. If you feel like you are being negative, you are worrying, or you are stressing over something, try to switch your mindset.

Start to be positive, optimistic, seeing what’s going right in your life versus what is going wrong in your life. It is a mindset shift, but it can really change your mood and your frequency.

When you are positive and you’re open and you’re feeling love, you naturally open up and you accept life for what it is. It really does a huge thing to change how you feel. It raises your vibration to be positive.

# 3 – Drink Water

Drinking water is such as a typical health tip. Water is not only good for maintaining your body functions, but water also helps circulate your energy. It helps detox any negative energy you have.

Water helps purify yourself. And it’s natural, just thinking about drinking water to hydrate yourself, to cleanse out the toxins within your body. It’s essentially doing the same thing to your energy as well.

So you just feel better after drinking water. You have more mental clarity, you have more energy. It’s just good for you.

Raise your frequency

# 2 – Be With High Vibe People

You may have noticed that some people have brighter energy than others. They are just fun to be with and you want to be with them.

Be with people who are radiating positive energy, and you will receive that positive energy. It will actually elevate your own vibration as well, because “like attracts like”.

Similar to the saying that “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Your frequency is the average of the frequencies of the people you spend the most time with.

So, the more you surround yourself with positive, high vibe people, the more you will be that way as well.

# 1 – Meditate

Meditation has so many benefits. It helps you have a clearer mind. It helps you destress. It helps you maintain balance in your life, feel grounded.

Start meditating will be an amazing thing for you. Meditation naturally raises your vibration. When you meditate, you learn how to stop thinking negative thoughts, you learn to control your mind better.

It’s a way for you to practice returning to your core, your true self, your soul. So when you have more control over your thoughts and your mindset, you just feel like you have more control over your life.

how to raise vibration

3 Things to Give Up For Raising Your Vibration

# 1 – Stop Watching and Listening to The News

I would highly recommend, if possible, to stop watching the news. Stop watching or listening to anything that makes you feel fearful stressed out, worried about the world worried about yourself, worried about humanity.

The news only does one thing: reinforcing fear within you. And fear is on a lower vibrational level.

If you want a higher vibration, you have to step outside of fear. So getting away from programmings that keep you entrenched in fear and stuck in a lower vibration.

Stay away from the news and I can assure you that, you will be okay for you. And you will start to raise your frequency.

# 2 – Stop Gossip

It may seem the hardest thing to give up and you may feel tempted back into it but gossip is such a good thing to give up.

When you are in the habit of speaking negatively about people to other people in your circle, you are unconsciously attracting two things.

One is you attract people who, like to speak negatively. You also attract to you negative conversations even from well-meaning people. These conversations will get brought up to get you thinking in a negative way.

Secondly, when you are speaking negatively about other people or situations, you are focusing your consciousness on what you don’t want, or what you don’t like about this person.

Guess what, through the law of attraction, whatever you are projecting, you get it back. So something really tremendous for you to do is to reduce gossip.

# 3 – Have a Closed Mindset

If you want to raise your vibration, you have to change your mindset. you have to give up your closed mindset.

You may come to expect certain things from your reality, but nothing can change because if you are the same lower level of vibration.

If you have a closed mindset, you are constantly sitting on the same lower vibrational area. All that really means is that you are not open to new information.

Wherever you are, you create the vibrational level that you are on. And if you have been residing on the same general frequency vibratory level, your reality will look very much the same.

One of the things you have to understand is that as you ascend in consciousness, as you raise your vibration, your understanding of the world, is going to become broader. And Keeping stuck with a closed mindset cannot give you access to other new information.

Being open-minded is something that will really help you ascend in your consciousness and raise your vibrational frequency.

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