Are you seeing repeating numbers everywhere on clocks, on license plates, or in other coincidental ways?
Every time you pick up your phone every time you look at a clock does it not seem to be saying 1, 1, 1 or 11:11, 555, 444, 333, 222, or other amazing synchronistic numbers.

These repeating number sequences are happening for a reason. If you’re seeing repeating number patterns constantly like they’re almost stalking you. It’s time to get happy and excited.

Why Are You Seeing Repeating Numbers?

Many people are seeing lots of repeating numbers popping up every time they turn their phone over or every time they look at the computer screen on the clock, they’re just there.

These repeating numbers are also called synchronicities or angel numbers.

There’s a whole study and there’s a science behind this because the universe is made up of mathematics, sacred geometry. It’s called numerology.

If you’ve ever had one of those moments where you’ve seen recurring number patterns or you’ve seen combination, number patterns, so maybe you’ve wondered what is going on.

There are 4 main reasons why the Universe is beginning to show you repeating numbers pattern or you might call synchronicities.

1st Reason You Seeing Repeating Numbers

You’re going through a spiritual awakening. Spirit can’t talk to you through voice because it doesn’t exist physically. So, the Universe uses numbers to communicate with you.

You know that the Universe is created through higher dimensional codes, sacred geometry, numbers, mathematics.

This is the basis of reality, the basis of what everybody lives every single day.

You’re just becoming more aware right, but every time you turn your phone over to check to see and you have a text or something and you see repeated numbers. It’s a sign something is going on inside of you.

You might start having a spiritual awakening. You’re beginning to wake up to the truth of the spiritual nature of yourselves.

repeating numbers

2nd Reason You Seeing Repeating Numbers

The Universe is trying to get an important message through to you. If for example, you see the angel number 555 a lot.

In numerology, this number is representational of the change big changes that are about to happen.

So, if you’re seeing 555, it might be good to just notice. Take a note and then look in the next couple of days for what changes are going to be happening or what changes are happening.

Sometimes the Universe is calling upon you to make a change in your life and it is trying to get a message through, for example through the number 555.

It could be any other number, they all mean different things, but 555 may be the representation of a change.

What is the Universe asking you to change?
This is really cool the Universe is communicating with you through numbers. It has got your back and it’s letting you know.

Maybe you probably want to change a bad habit? Or something that you’re doing that isn’t making you happy anymore? So, it’s time for a change.

3rd Reason You Seeing Repeating Numbers

You are one of the very few currently lucky people to be guided by the Universe.

The creative force that creates worlds that creates humans, that creates the whole of existence. That creative force is wanting to work with you.

This is why you’re seeing synchronicities and they will be guiding you slowly. They will be guiding you to where you need to be. Do not be afraid.

You can sometimes have negative responses if you see synchronicities.

For example, like 666, “the devil’s number”. This angel number has a negative connotation in our culture, but it’s not. Of course, all numbers are all good, they’re all divine.

But you can create negative synchronicities for yourself by the way that you respond to them. So, just be careful. Start to be happy, be joyous.

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4th Reason You Seeing Repeating Numbers

Just know that the creative force of the Universe is with you and it wants to let you know that through these angel numbers.

This creative force that you are is wanting to aid you to create your divine purpose. You’ll create your divine life.

That’s here to help you see through the veil of physicality. It’s here to say you’re loved, you don’t have to worry anymore.

The universe wants you to know that you’re supported, that there’s something big planned for you.

The synchronicities are there to tell you that. This is your life, this is your destiny. Be happy whenever you see these repeating numbers sequences.

You don’t have to worry anymore you’re supported. The Universe wants to support you if you’ll give up your negative control.

You can follow any path you want in this life. You’ll be guided through your path, that’s why you’re, seeing these repeating numbers.

What’s The Universe Message With These Repeating Numbers?

In the practice of the science of numerology, there are two different types of repeating numbers.

The first one is called “echo” and the second one is called “combination number pattern”.

The echo repeating number pattern is self-explanatory. It’s one of sequence numbers like 777, 888, 111, 1212, 222, etc… The number repeats itself, it echoes a repeating number pattern.

The second form of number pattern that is less known about and it’s called the “combination number pattern”. This is like 911 or 1234 or 818 or 909 etc… whatever it’s that shows up for you.

These numbers will add up in numerology for example: let’s say you see 22222. They add up to 10 (2+2+2+2+2=10). They end with a double-digit number.

In numerology, you always have to get things down to a single-digit number. In the previous example 10, is a double-digit number.

You add those numbers together again: 1+0=1. Then, when you’ve got that single digit.

The echo repeating number or the combination recurring number form this single-digit powerful number.

repeated numbers

Benefits The Universe Giving to You for Each Number

– Repeating Number 1

Number 1 is the start of the cycle. It’s the first step. It’s the first number after zero. Through the number 1, the benefit that the Universe is trying to give you through this synchronicity, it’s a fresh start, a new beginning.

– Repeating Number 2

With the number 2, the benefit that the Universe is trying to give to you is connection and support. As a human being, you like to feel a connection from others.

You like to feel wanted and needed by other people. Not that it’s totally necessary, but it’s nice to have that connection.

So, it can come in the form of a nice conversation with somebody. A deep connection with somebody over the phone that you never thought you’d have or within the family, perhaps a new relationship.

– Repeating Number 3

The benefit the number 3 is trying to give you is creativity and joy. This can come in the form of bursts of laughter.

It can come down to really smart ideas for this project you are about to build.

So, number 3 is creativity and joy. This is what the Universe is trying to bring to you.

– Repeating Number 4

The number 4 is the basis for most foundations. The benefit of this number is stability and security.

If you’re starting projects could be the stability of that project moving forward, security as well in your own well-being, securing yourself.

– Repeating Number 5

The number 5 is the most well-known. It’s trying to give you the benefit of change.

Changes in your home environment, in your work environment, but also most importantly, the spiritual journey that will bring transformation in you.

It could also mean changes in your finances, changes in your relationships.

– Repeating Number 6

If your number is 6, then life is trying to give you healing and community. The 6 could make you look great, it can make you look bright.
The number 6 is kind of saying that perhaps big healing coming. If all of the single-digit numbers in your synchronicity are down to 6, then the Universe is trying to give you the healing.

– Repeating Number 7

The number 7 represents deeper, meaning and purpose. It could also mean that you meet the “ah-ah moment” if you’re doing some sort of self-improvement working yourself.

This number is trying to give you deeper sense of purpose and meaning.

– Repeating Number 8

The number 8 one’s everyone’s favorite one. This number of manifestation, financial success, abundance, and prosperity.

For example, if you see 2222 your number is 8 and in that sense, life is trying to give you the abundance that you’ve been craving for so long.

How does that look like? Perhaps you might find today a lottery ticket on the floor and it’s the winner.

It’s these kinds of things that the powerful number 8 is trying to give to you through the Universe.

– Repeating Number 9

The number 9 is the nicest one. This number is talking about completions. Completions end the cycle, the karmic cycle.

The angel number 9 is also the completion of the number cycle of the single-digit number cycle. And that’s why it’s the representation of completions in your life.

– Repeating Number 0

The number 0 is telling you to trust your intuition and your inner self. The number 0 is the balance point between the masculine and feminine forces.

Zero is a mystical number and has a lot of creative power. All is infinite there is no end and no beginning.

The number 0 represents the Alpha and the Omega which means the beginning and the highest.


There are a lot more things to say when it comes to explaining seeing repeating numbers. However, when you are seeing recurring numbers, the Universe is saying to you to keep the faith, you are on the right path.

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