Essentially the scripting law of attraction is writing out what you want to manifest. And you write it as if it has already there.

Scripting has the capacity to attract and manifest what you want if you are doing things the right way.

Scripting Manifesting

The scripting technique is all about being the writer of your own story. When you are scripting, you become the writer of your story, the writer of your life. You are the creator of your life.

In a movie it’s not the actor or the actress who comes first, everything depends on the writer. Without a writer, there is no book, no movie.

The writer always comes first, and then the director starts building up all the things. Then the actors and actresses come into the whole system. And in the end, a beautiful successful movie is created.

So, the same way when you want to manifest your desire, your dreams, whether it’s money, a dream job, find your soulmate, or whatever you want in your life, you have to first become the writer.


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The first thing you have to do is get your journal or notebook. Then think about the life that you desire, the life that you want to live.

Then ask yourself: What do I truly want to live? How my life will be when I will be living this dream? How I will be achieving this dream when this manifestation will happen?

Then write it down with much detail as you can. Just start with one area. Maybe it’s to get a job, or get more money, or to find your soulmate.

Think about that one goal. And ask yourself if I manifest this dream that I desire, what is the thing that I would like to be experiencing.

Ask yourself what am I going to feel? how am I going to be? And then write it down, write it down like a story, and you being the center character of the story.

How to Use Scripting to Manifest?

When you use the scripting law of attraction you can write it in two ways. Some people feel great when they write it in the past tense. Like it is already done.

Some other people prefer when they write like it’s happening right this moment. For example, “I’m meeting this person and I am achieving it. I am having an amazing time now”. “This interview is doing very well”.

You have to choose the way you feel better past or present and then write the whole story. You can write with as much detail as possible so that your feelings will come.

How to use scripting to manifest

It’s not like one or two sentences or four sentences. If you write only three or four sentences it will never create energy.It will never create that vibration in you and you will never able to manifest what you desire.

That is why you have to write it with so much detail with so much energy. So that you will feel that you are manifesting it, that you are living your dream.

“Pretend that you are a writer and that whatever you write will be performed exactly as you write it. Your only job is to describe, in detail, everything exactly as you want it to be.” Abraham-Hicks

Writing Down What You Want

Explain your story in detail. If you have to give your script to a film director, he or she should be able to understand everything that is going to happen.

When you are writing, you want your mind to feel that you’re in that situation. If you’re just writing only a fantasy story without feeling, your subconscious mind knows that it’s a lie.

Your subconscious mind knows that this is only a story, then it’s not going to manifest even though it’s a great story.

So, what you have to do is to try to bring in more details you can. As I said before, you have to feel it like it’s happening right now.

scripting manifesting

The Power of Writing Things Down

You have a lot of power within you. The Universe has a huge role in synchronicity, in aligning perfect people to help you to get there.
You are not doing it by yourself. Whenever you are manifesting, you are not doing it by yourself alone, you are a piece of it.

The Universe, God, Mother Earth, whatever you want to call it, that spirit, this energy is working for you. It is inherent in what it is you wish to create for yourself.


Anything you’re attracting into your experience, you are asking the Universe to align with you. So, you are coming into energetic alignment with that of the Universe. So you can feel it in your immediate reality.

When you do this technique, try to always finish your text with gratitude.

For example something like this:
“I am so grateful for the universe for conspiring to make all of my dreams into my reality.
“I’m grateful that all these opportunities align because of the good of the universe.”
“I acknowledge that I am not alone.”
“This higher power, this energy is always conspiring to create more happiness in my life.”

How Many Times to Write to Manifest?

Many people ask like whether you should do it once or whether you should do it on a daily basis? If it’s new for you should write it on a daily basis for at least, 21 days.

You can do it first thing in the morning, in the afternoon, before bed at night. Choose what it’s best for you.
At you keep writing, you start releasing that energy in the Universe. Things started getting better and better and more magical.

Final Words

You can start your writing with your goals and your dreams. And suddenly, you have another trajectory.

The scripting law of attraction technique is very powerful. It is like an unfolding process, a profound process, bigger than you. It may you write about things you didn’t even know existed within you.

If you want to manifest anything, I would recommend you start using this scripting Law of Attraction manifestation technique. Try it and you will see your life is going to change.

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