Want to know signs from the Universe that love is coming, discover the 9 steps. You maybe have spent a lot of time trying to find love. You maybe tried to find that person who is destined to be with you, and that you’ll be happy forever.

But instead of being desperate, impatient, and looking everywhere for love, focus on being ready to receive it when it arrives.

Signs From The Universe That Love is Coming

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However, when searching, you often stumble or come across people who only come to don’t love your hearts.

Like many things in life, the best comes when you are not looking for them and your soulmate is no exception.

This is pretty simple, everything in life comes by surprise, precisely when you are not prepared to receive it. Remember the best will always come unexpectedly.

#1- You Feel Enough

To get to know what you want from life and where you belong in the world, you must have done a long process of reflection. A process in which you manage to be at peace with yourself.

This means that you do not need another person to fill you. With yourself is more than enough.

When you feel that you can face all the things that come your way in life, both pleasant and not, without the need to be with someone, you are ready to find love, one free and uninteresting.

#2- You Found Your Place in The World

Another of the signs that will tell you that you are about to find that ideal person is when you realize what you are, where you are going, what you want. in short, you know what you want from life.

When you have clear objectives, you stop drifting and you know your place in the world.

It will be easier for you to find that person who shares your way of seeing things, has your same values , and respects them.

#3 – You Have Stopped Giving so Much Priority to Romantic Love

There comes a time in life when you realize that love is not how it is presented to you in novels or movies and that although it exists, it is not the only one.

There are other people who give you love, like your friends, family, and even your pet. You feel that sometimes that is enough.

You have realized that even you are a beautiful source of happiness and love. This is one of the signs that your heart is ready for romantic love.

Realize that love as a couple is not the only one, it is not all perfect. There are many sources of happiness, and sometimes it is what will lead you to your soul mate.

#4- You Trust The Laws of The Universe

The fact that love has not come into your life, you will go through some disappointments; or you no longer seek does not mean that you no longer believe in love, or think that it does not exist.

It simply means that you have accepted that you cannot handle it as you please. And that there are some things that fate or the Universe has planned for you.

If you have reached a level of tranquility, of peace, you know that there are some things that are out of your control and that you cannot manipulate.

But you are still happy, and without a doubt, your soulmate is getting closer to you.

#5- You having Romantic Dreams

You might have dreams about love and being loved. Those dreams will make you feel completely satisfied and happy.

When you wake up and cannot put a face to the happiness that you have felt in your dream; the more important it’s you feel good.

Yours dreams maybe not about a specific person but you do have a vague feeling them somewhere.

Romantic dreams are good signs from the Universe. They tell you that true love is around closely.

And they are surely a window for love for you in a near future.

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#6- You Are Not in a Rush

Because you trust the laws of the Universe, you know that everything will come just in due time.

You do not do calculations or try to force things, because you trust that love will come when it has to.

You’ll be patient, you’ll enjoy the moment and you’ll know that you should not rush things.

Everything will happen when you have to, at the necessary pace, so it is not worth forcing it.

Focus on What Makes You Happy

#7- You Focus on What Makes You Happy

You know that if you want true love to come to you, first you have to be happy; so that you can share that beautiful emotion, this beautiful journey.

The love of your life will only appear when you accept yourself as you are.

When you accept and love yourself, the person who will come in your life will feel the same for you.

For a couple to be authentic and successful, they both have to be themselves.

Your opinions are worth it and you know that the only important thing is that you be happy.

When you decide that your only goal in life is to be happy and be yourself, what others say or think are no matter.

#8- You Enjoy a Lot of Solitude

This may be a sign that you have found personal peace, learned to love and accept yourself.

When you learn to be alone and enjoy it, without a doubt you will look for someone out of desire and not out of necessity. This is one of the qualities that lead you to your soulmate.

Many people enter into relationships that make them unhappy because of the fear of loneliness.

Only when you are an integral person, happy with yourself, and that you enjoy the moments alone will you be ready for the love of your life to come to you. Be patient, everything comes in due time.

#9- You See Love Everywhere

This is one of the characteristics that will tell you that you are ready to receive the love of your life; you see love everywhere.

It happens that when you have stopped looking for love, and you forgot all those romantic stories.

Someone invites you to see a romantic movie, you see couples everywhere, on social media or elsewhere, someone you know finds a partner, in short, you see love all over.

Without a doubt, love is closer than you think.


These signs from the universe that love is coming, will help you to know that you’re in the process to manifest love in your life.

To attract the love of your life, that person who’ll be there for your happiness, you have to be yourself.

And then that special person will only come to you more quickly than you think.

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