You want to know that signs your manifestation is close. You know you want a partner or a dream job, or money.

But once you put it out in the Universe, there is no tracking number to see where your manifestation is.

You don’t know when and where your parcel is about to deliver. So, how do you know that your manifestation is close?

In this article, discover the 10 signs that will help you to know it.

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1 – You Start Dreaming About It

Dreams are one of the big indicators that whatever you’re trying to manifest is about to come into place.

When you’re learning, how to use the law of attraction to its full potential, you become very trusting in the Universe and hence what happens.

If you sleep better and you start to dream about it and your dream is positive and peaceful.

If you are choosing love over fear, courage, and trust, your subconscious mind responds to the choice that you make.

2 – You Feel Happier Than Before

Another sign that your manifestation is on its way is that you feel great, almost all the time, even when you’re not talking about your desire.

If you fully believe that your manifestation is coming, you feel like a kid on Christmas morning, just before unwrapping his gift.

In other words, you feel overwhelmed with pure positive energy.

When you start feeling happy, excited, there is nothing that can stop you from having what you want. It’s just a matter of time.

3 – Synchronicities Appear

Synchronicities appear to be reassuring. They are the way the Universe fills you with things to be optimistic.

What is synchronicity? Synchronicity is when you keep seeing things over and over again something that sparks your attention and then the next thing you see it again or that day you see it again.

Synchronicity is a sign that your manifestation is coming true. The main thing that you might notice: angel numbers 11, 11, 111, 444, 777, 888.

Whatever it is once you start noticing synchronicity with numbers, birds, feathers.

You start noticing these things know for yourself that, whatever it is you’re trying to manifest deliberately is on its way.

So don’t ignore that 11:11. When you wake up in the middle of the night or that 777 that just keeps popping up on receipts, on telephone numbers do not ignore those numbers.

Those numbers, along with feathers birds coins, is an indicator that you are on your right path and whatever you’re manifesting is coming into play.

4 – You Start To Feel More at Ease

When you start feeling comfortable, you are actually showing the Universe that you have faith. 

That the power that dwells inside of you is going to manifest whatever it is that you desire.

When you give up that fear that worries about things not working out, that’s when things actually come to you and manifest even faster than before.

So when you start feeling more at ease and stop worrying about things manifesting in your life, that is a sure sign to let you know you’re on the right vibration.

And whatever you’re trying to manifest is coming into your life now.

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5 – Messages Around You

When you are trying to be a deliberate creator and trying to manifest things in your life, no matter what the universe hears you. The universe is going to send you messages.

One big indicator that your dreams are about to come true is from other people. You might get that phone call telling you to be at a certain place or you might get a phone call with someone giving you valuable information.

Other people might be the tool that the universe uses to get you where you need to be. Someone might tell you about a job and you might say that’s not what I want.

Then you might hear it from someone else. You might meet that person at that interview who have that job you want.

Now it’s up to you to open up, to realize, to be aware of what you’re seeing, hearing, your inner feelings.

It’s the time when you need to start building on that and becoming more aware of what’s around you.

That’s the Universe saying I hear you. And it tries to tell you: “your wish is your command and it’s on its way.”


6 – You are Less Afraid Than Before

Using the Law of Attraction can help you feel less fearful of things like challenges, obstacles, and the future.

The reason has to do with the certainty that comes with believing in your manifestation.

So, if you fully believe that you will attract what you are focusing on, you know that you do have to trust the unknown.

You might have to conflict with the power of your own mind, but feeling less fear is a sign that your manifestation is coming.

7 – New obstacles May Come

If something is taken away from it, or if a new obstacle appears, it is another sign that its manifestation is coming soon. That’s because obstacles mean that you are on the right track.

Sometimes the new problem is there, to teach you one last thing before they give you what you’ve been asking for.

You know that you are getting closer to whatever you’re trying to manifest when things go wrong. For some reason, the universe sometimes just wants to test you.

So, when things seem to go wrong, when things seem to go bad, do not give up.

At that moment it’s when you are the closest to manifesting whatever you desire in your life.

8 – Things Leaving Your Life

As you become a deliberate creator and start manifesting things in your life, things leaving your life and this could be in many different ways.

One thing you need to remember the reason your desire was not in your life yet because your vibration wasn’t aligned.

You have not elevated your consciousness up to where you need it to be. You and things weren’t on that vibration, you’re going to leave behind.

If you are trying to elevate yourself to another level, a lot of times things and also people that you were with prior to may have to fall away, not all the time, but sometimes.

You might notice someone doesn’t call you anymore or you might notice someone moved away or you might move away.

Sometimes you get sad about losing things. You might have to lose your job to get that new job to step into that career, that you always want it to step into that new business that you want it.

You might lose your best friend because your best friend still wanted to do the same thing that you were doing before you try to manifest what it is you’re desiring right now.

So when you start seeing things falling away things no longer around you, know that you are stepping into a new you. And whatever you’re, trying to manifest it’s on its way.

Signs Your Manifestation is coming

9 – Challenges in a Different Light

As your manifestation approaches, the challenges no longer seem to you exhausting or discouraging.

You might be a little excited about the opportunity to conquer them. Deep down, you believe that you will get to the reality you were waiting for, so the challenges no longer seem to matter for you.

After all, you know that somehow, the Universe is always on your side.

10 – You See Opportunities Everywhere

Every single day, you will start doing something that is bringing you nearer to your desire. These small achievements, which are called mini manifestations are happening every day.

You are feeling good about it, and all you need to do is to be in that good feeling. This is a short sign that your manifestation is very close as all the mini manifestations connect together to manifest your dream into reality.

When your manifestation approaches, more opportunities come themselves than usual. It’s a good idea to keep an eye out for changes, as they are most likely stepping stones to further advance your path.


You know now the 10 signs that you should be looking out for to prove that your manifestation is coming.

The concept of manifestation can be problematic for some people. It’s hard to think that the Universe is always on your side if you’ve been through some bad luck.

But you have the power to change your thoughts and believe that you can achieve your goals.

Even if things seem out of control, you can still manage your thoughts and make them positive.

You can bring good into your life by focusing on the good things.

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